Hi there! Welcome to Parallel Paths. I’m Sohil Hemnani.

I am an experienced HR Professional and Career Mentor, with a career spanning more than a decade. I hold an MBA from MDI-Gurgaon, one of the leading business schools in India, and have worked with MNCs, MSMEs, and startups in a variety of projects and helped build, recruit & evolve high performing teams and individuals.

I have worked with Leaders – CEOs, Founders, and Executive Committees, People managers, and front-line employees. This gives me unique perspective to help with your career, irrespective of the situation you are in or the direction you want to take.

5 Reasons why we should work together on your career


1. I have navigated through career and it’s challenges

Every career has it’s ups and downs. I have also had those and understand how hard the trying times are. I have tasted success and have also had low points where it was difficult to be motivated. I can help you with an approach based on real world scenarios and situations.

2. Individual driven scope

Be it recruitment or exit discussions, I have experience across the employee life cycle, from entry level positions to senior managers. Over the course of my career, I have reviewed over 100,000 resumes and taken over 2000 interviews. I have seen closely what works and what doesn’t and I can bring over that knowledge to you.

3. Depth and Breadth in Organizational HR

In corporate and consulting, I have also worked across the HR spectrum in Talent Management,  Succession Planning, Learning and Development, and Career Profiling. I have worked with Business Leaders and Executive Committees for People Strategy and also executing it. With expertise in these fields, I have helped many individuals develop, evolve and thrive in their roles, careers and lives.

4. Wide Industry Experience

I have worked with established organizations, medium/small enterprises as well as startups across retail, services, technology, education and social sectors. If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, confused or underconfident, I can help you navigate through the jumble of teams, managers, peers, stakeholders, and clients.

5. Personal Relationships

Through life and career, relationships have always held the highest value for me and that is the approach towards our coaching. We will work together as partners to realize your potential and path towards fulfilment.


You can read more about me and my other interests on my personal website

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